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“He’s one of the most talented and promising writers to come onto the copywriting scene in years.”

-Dan Ferrari, Copy Chief and Senior Copywriter at The Dig.In Agency

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Let’s Write Your Next "Unbeatable" Control

Back in 2017, a client asked me to write copy for a new fatigue supplement.

He wanted to scale his offer with certainty, so we pulled out all the stops.

I wrote advertorials.  Sales letters.  Upsells.  Email lifts.  The whole enchilada as I call it.

And once we launched the funnel, our Facebook ads, Native ads, and Email drops ALL cranked out new customers daily.

Then, my client did something I thought would be the end of our relationship.

But it turned out to be the ONE THING that solidified me as their "go-to" copywriter.

See, even though our sales letter converted on cold traffic, he wanted to put my copy to the test.

Understandable.   Every piece of copy should be optimized.

But instead of coming to me, he went to one of the BEST to do it.  Someone who preys on weak funnels.  Eats low conversions for breakfast.  

But it turns out there was one thing this control-killer couldn’t do.

He tried everything.  New leads.  New closes.  New emails.  Pulled out every trick in the book.

But every time, he came up short.

He just couldn't beat my control.

Now, of course there have been times when my copy didn't win.  

Every copywriter who's had a few swings at the bat strikes out.

But as a business owner you want...

  • A copywriter who'll get you a reliable FIRST attempt...

  • Your conversions boosted over the long term...

  • And sizzling copy that stands the test of time.

That's why my clients come back over and over again.

And if you want strong copy for your supplement offer, it's easy to connect with me.

Once you reach out, I'll take a look at your current offer and see if there are any holes we can plug.

Then we can decide together what's required.

I may prescribe a new advertorial, a rewrite of your upsell offer, or a fresh approach to your main VSL.

Whatever it is, start by sending an email to, or visiting this link to get me details of your project and we can see if there's a way to boost response.

(And if you want to check out this "unbeatable" funnel personally, I'd be glad to share it with you as a sample of what works (and how I think)...


"So glad I hired Darren for my first long form sales letter!"

So glad I hired Darren for my first long form sales letter! I was a bit intimidated at the prospect of creating one, but Darren walked me through every step of the process and built out a fantastic and strong sales letter.

He also dove deep into the research which made it even more compelling of a letter.

In addition to being a fantastic copywriter, he’s a super nice person and extremely pleasant to work with."

Tina Anderson, Just Thrive Probiotic

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Positive ROI On Day 1...


"Every dollar I paid him to write copy, I’ve gotten back $2, $5 and even $10..."

As a business owner, you want results.  

But these days, it's so easy for anyone to promise the world, command high copywriting fees -- even without proof to back it up.

So when you finally find a copywriter who...

  • Maximizes revenue from every corner of your funnel...

  • Works fast delivers on time, so you can test and acquire customers rather than wait...

  • AND delivers copy that's 'ready to publish'...

I bet you'd do anything to keep them 'off the market'.

That's what happened when a repeat client hired me to consult and design a funnel from start to finish, including a front end lead-generating Advertorial, a 20 page sales letter, and a hard-hitting email campaign...

See, when he saw a positive ROI on day 1 from a previous project --  he was hesitant to write a testimonial for me.

But after 4 months, he agreed.

He said:  "Can I be totally transparent? I’m not too happy about giving this testimonial  because finally finding a REALLY solid copywriter who GETS you results and DELIVERS on time, every time, is one of the toughest things to do when you’re running a direct response business.  

"... so the last thing I want is Darren getting busy with a bunch of other projects that could take away time from my own stuff."

But, since we brought in $2... $5... even $10 for every dollar he invested in copy, he sort of owed it to me.

Now, this testimonial also came with a dire warning.  

He also said: "Don’t hire Darren if you don’t have a solid product fulfillment process in place because..."

"He’ll break your backend system and frustrate your customer service reps with the flood of orders"

I wish I could make this up. 

But we structured his offer in a way that caused a real fuss in his office.

Now, if you have a strong product fulfillment system, a product that works, is proven, and truly helps your customers...

And if you want ROI-focused copy that converts for your next project...

Or if you have an offer that's fatigued and want to improve response...

I won't make you jump through hoops. 

I'll even show you this funnel -- and walk you though why it works so well.

Just send me an email at, or visit this page, and we'll see if your project is a fit -- and if our schedules line up.

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