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If lackluster conversions, weak order values, and inadequate back end sales are murdering your profits... but have no idea how to FIX it... This is your lucky day!

How A Little "NFL Replay Routine" Could Almost DOUBLE Your Conversions and Order Values... Overnight

Double your order values?  Sounds insane.

That's also what James tought until he was referred to me for a critique.

Here's what he said.

"I worked with Darren Hanser at the end of 2016 and also in 2017.

He helped me double my average order value and improved front end conversions, despite my prices increasing."

Think James would care that the ONLY thing I did was apply a little "NFL Replay Routine" I discovered back in college.

It was during a 'personal selling" class where we learned all the little *tricks* and ideas to sell products and services.

This was the sort of class you take if you're going to work in sales or marketing — and since it was before the internet took over, it was all face-to-face.

But there was ONE problem.

We were taught to sell... without *actually* selling!

Like most courses, it was all theory... Abstract concepts... Reading, and random tests. 

But there WAS one part of the sales class that was valuable even to this day.

And this was when we did a single exercise that holds the power to turn loser sales copy into offers that crank out sales every day... all day.

What was it?

Get this... We actually SOLD something.

But we didn't sell something on our own.

We crafted a pitch... Practiced it... Tested it...

Then when we made the pitch?


On camera.

See... The actual learning wasn't DOING the sales pitch.

It was going BACK and watching the recording -- looking at all the little nuances, mistakes, stutters, face twitches, leg shakes, and umms and ahhhs.

It was watching the subtleties that we MISSED when doing it live.

Same thing NFL players do -- they go back and watch the tape.

And then improve.

Next time, maybe they find another mistake, or area they could improve.

But if you do this often enough -- you'll *never* make the same mistake twice.

And this is the same thing I do personally when writing sales copy for clients.

I write the promotion -- then I have someone ELSE look at it, and I get their feedback.

Not feedback like "oooh I love how you write".

The ONLY feedback that matters, is...


So here's what this is all about:

If you're not getting feedback like this and you put out offers --

-- Whether you write for clients... sell your own products through sales letters... send your own emails, or have a copywriter do it for you.

If you are NOT going back and watching the tape -- I can all but guarantee you will miss truckloads of sales.

That's why I started offering a service that acts like your "Second Set Of Eyes"...

If you have written a sales letter, or email sequence and want to get all the kinks out BEFORE you send it out to the world to judge with their wallets...

It’s simple to get my eyes.... on your copy.

Here’s how.

Once you book a spot by choosing one of the 2 options below...

1. You send me your current copy in a Google Doc.  I go through with a fresh set of eyes -- one that is not emotionally attached to the 'art' you have created.

Show you where you need to expand ideas...

How you can flesh out proof...


... and if your offer sucks to begin with...

How you can beef it up to boost sales.

2.  Then you can take my feedback and turn your stale copy into a real sizzler.

This is perfect If you want to have me in your corner... without the need to hire me for a complete project.

This also is a great way to see if we work well together.

So if you have projects in the future -- you can feel confident with how my brain works.

The fee is not cheap, but you'll find it quite affordable -- and if I do my job, the increase in your conversions could exponentially cover the small up front token.

One caveat -- The work should be done already and you're sending it in for a final review.

Once you choose your package below...

1) You will send over your current copy in a Google Document so that I can "suggest" changes.

2) I will complete the review, and send back the marked-up Google Document, PLUS a full video commentary of what I recommend, and HOW you should implement it.

3) I will record my screen and walk you through the commentary so there is no guessing about what to do next.

Darren Hanser

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