Results Speak Louder Than Words.

"8-figures with his copy alone..."

"Darren has personally made us close to 8 figures with his copy alone.

He understands more than just copywriting, he understands how to craft high-converting funnels that increase Customer Lifetime Value.

One of the more recent promotions Darren helped me with, the promotion yielded over $300,000 in sales after a 90 minute presentation + sales letter.”

- Rob R., Human Optimization Labs, LLC

"Double my average order value..."

"I worked with Darren Hanser at the end of 2016 and also in 2017.

He helped me double my average order value and improved front end conversions, despite my prices increasing.

I couldn't recommend Darren enough!"

- James L., Health & Fitness Entrepreneur

"Unbelievably Good Ideas”

”I'll cut straight to the chase. If you need a copywriter, you can't go wrong hiring Darren. 

As far as I'm concerned, he's one of the most talented and most promising writers to come onto the copywriting scene in years. 

He has unbelievably good ideas, he has an incredible knack for getting into his prospect's head, and he can downright sell.  

It's rare to see someone get this good this fast, and I know he's only going to keep getting better.”

- Dan Ferrari

Copy Chief and Senior Copywriter at The Dig.In Agency

"Excels both as a coach and a writer"

"I've worked with Darren on multiple occasions, and every single time his knowledge and expertise has been second to none.  He excels both as a coach and a writer.

Whenever I'm in a tight spot, am having trouble coming up with an idea or hook, or just want a second pair of eyes on something, he's my first call."

- Mike Samuels, Copywriter

$2, $5, and even $10 for every dollar I spend

"Can I be totally transparent? I’m not too happy about giving this testimonial  because finally finding a REALLY solid copywriter who GETS you results and DELIVERS on time, every time, is one of the toughest things to do when you’re running a direct response business.

So the last thing I want is Darren getting busy with a bunch of other projects that could take away time from my own stuff.  

But I kind of owe it to him because for every dollar I paid him to write copy, I’ve gotten back $2, $5 and even $10 on some of the campaigns. That’s RARE.  

Don’t hire Darren if you don’t have a solid product fulfillment process in place because he’ll break your backend system and frustrate your customer service reps with the flood of orders he’ll be bringing with his copy."

- Yassin Shaar, Founder,

"One of the few marketing minds I trust"

"Darren is a master of persuasion, top-tier copywriter, and one of the few marketing minds I trust.

He knows how to craft a message so compelling, your prospect won't have any choice but to whip out their credit card.

Hire this man, while you still can."

- Mike Abramov, Direct Response Copywriter

"... ultimately converted 50% better than our control."

In 2019, copywriting has changed in the paid landscape. ROI is still very important, but compliance is rapidly increasing concern.

How do you present your products and your brand in a way that traffic sources allow while still running profitable paid traffic campaigns? 

The easy answer is Darren Hanser.

Darren came up with the COMPLIANT big idea, took our feedback to heart, extracted the story from our expert, and ultimately converted 50% better than our control.

Give him some freedom. Let him do his job. And good things will happen.

Jeremy W.,

VP Marketing, mindbodygreen

"So glad I hired Darren for my first long form sales letter!"

So glad I hired Darren for my first long form sales letter! I was a bit intimidated at the prospect of creating one, but Darren walked me through every step of the process and built out a fantastic and strong sales letter.

He also dove deep into the research which made it even more compelling of a letter.

In addition to being a fantastic copywriter, he’s a super nice person and extremely pleasant to work with. 

Tina Anderson, Just Thrive Probiotic

"... I can't recommend Darren enough"

Darren was an absolute pleasure to work with.

From the introductory call to learn about my offer, to the research he conducted to make sure the copy was appropriate for the audience being targeted, to the assistance and availability throughout the process, it was all amazing.

I can't recommend Darren enough.

His copy came out really strong, I'm happy and will definitely use him again for further projects. 

Gustavo Geraldes,

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